Hate Story - Hindi Film

Hate Story - Hindi Film
Hate Story

Hate Story
Stars: Gulshan Devaya, Pauli Price, Nikhil Dwivedi, Mohan Kapoor
Story - Script - producer: Vikram Bhatt
Script - Director: Vivek Agnihotri
Music: Hrisit Saxena
Sensor Certificate: A
Length: 134 minutes

Vikram Bhatt Bollywood romance, love story, horror films, from action. Which is a bold film in Hindi cinema now turn to perhaps the most sexy and bold scenes to film. Sexy scene in this film in Hindi cinema after years of discretion will be because of the bold Sins. Chairman of the Board are looking at the film producer - director Vijay Anand miss, the then Information and Broadcasting Ministry Stirfiket than A. A certificate was suggested, for such films.

Story: Journalists Viswanathan (Pauli price) writes that after a sting operation against the cement factory, which was published after the company's image tremendous push. Cement company owner's son Siddharth (Gulshan Deveya) Viswanathan their love through sexual relations with her into the trap leaves. In fact, Siddharth has done for revenge. Viswanathan when Siddharth realizes that the child in her stomach when she meets him again. She tells him that she will get half the property. Siddharth Viswanathan this time the baby in the womb would have ended, but it makes the condition that he could not become mothers. Siddharth to get back at the city's most expensive call girl becomes Viswanathan. Siddharth to ruin Viswanathan laid his company is made up of politicians from top officials.

Acting: acting Pauli prices probably rather hard to show my body and had placed the demand of hot scenes. Stood the test of Pauli hundred per cent. Scenes from the bed on which the Pauli scenes look at her, Mallika has the rugged looks, bold actress like Bipasha Basu and Rakhi Sawant is also sweating. Gulshan Dwivedi fit into his role, Nikhil Dwivedi, and in the movie where you are, is beyond comprehension.

Direction: weak story, screenplay, due to light more and more sexy scene Tunsne Vivek Agnihotri's film did not do anything else besides.

Music: lyrics to this story - is not the scope of music, song that no one in the film after coming out of the hall can not remember.
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